Good weather (Or: Dutch carnival in The Hague)

Yesterday Marco and I went out for a walk due to the nice weather. We had no idea where we were going, but somehow we randomly ended up at a carnival being held near Buitenhof. De Haagse Koninginnekermis Kermis (The Hague queen’s carnival, for Queen Beatrix). There was a lot of people there due to the nice weather and it being a Sunday.

advertisement for a Dutch carnival

advertisment for the carnival, through May 5

rules for a Dutch carnival

rules for the carnival

1. No bikes or scooters on the carnival grounds.

2. Make use of the toilet facilities on the grounds.

3. No alcohol on the grounds, only in designated areas.

4. No drug use or selling on the carnival grounds.

5. No dangerous weapons or worn weapons

6. Deposit your trash in the trashcans present

7. If you see someone needs help, stay (by them) and call 112 (i.e. 911)

8. Always follow the instructions listed on the rides

9. Think of the environment

food stand at a Dutch carnival

food stand

go fish at a Dutch carnival

Iedereen altijd prijs = Everyone always (wins) a prize.

Haunted House at a Dutch carnival

haunted house

high ride in a Dutch carnival

I get dizzy just looking up at this (very high) spinning ride. It goes in circles, with riders at each ends. Sometimes flips.

ride at a Dutch carnival

Just pretend you’re on the spinning tea cups…

water bubble ride in a Dutch carnival

Water, water, everywhere. But you’ll stay dry. Lie down and relax in this giant bubble of a ride.

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2 thoughts on “Good weather (Or: Dutch carnival in The Hague)

  1. The bubble ride looks fun! Especially for someone like me who is prone to drowning and pulling people down with me. 😉

    • I’m lucky to tread water, so I know what you mean. ;p It looked at least a bit annoying though – the kids were having trouble keeping themselves standing.

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