Studying (Or: A level of difficulty)

So a few days ago I started chapter 11, section A in Contact 1. The class is about 1-2 lessons behind. It’s hard to describe, but I think this 12 chapter book (3 sections each) finally got hard enough for me to pay attention. Note: I still need lots of help with speaking. Nothing’s changed there!

Here’s an example:

Contact 1 Nederlands voor anderstaligen

The highlighted section with the red arrow is the first real dialogue which is only a wall of text. Until this point, it’s usually two or more people talking to each other in simple sentences.

The section’s theme is “what a blunder”, or, the embarrassing things you’ve done in your life. The dialogue is simply a man telling a story (using the imperfectum/past tense) over how happy he was to finally get a newspaper subscription, and he looked forward to it every day because he always read the paper over breakfast. But helaas (unfortunately), the paper doesn’t come on time that often and sometimes doesn’t arrive at all.

So one day he calls up, but there’s no answer. Angry, he calls back the next day and finds out (after talking for 10 minutes straight and not letting the worker answer his questions), that the paper wasn’t delivered yesterday because it was Sunday and he doesn’t have a subscription for that day. He says: ik kon wel door de grond van schaamte (he cringed in shame – “fell to the ground from shame”) and quickly hung up.

But then you have to ignore the fact that he had a legitimate complaint with the newspaper arriving an hour or two late the other days… oh well. Crazy textbook!

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One thought on “Studying (Or: A level of difficulty)

  1. Marco

    Oh, we’re more random than that. The expression translates to “sank through the ground”. I couldn’t find the origin just now but I assume it’s that you want to disappear out of shame, have the ground open up and swallow you.

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