Eurodisney (Or: It’s now Disneyland Paris, right?)

This coming week Marco and I are headed off on our honeymoon, which will be at Eurodisney. Of course, it is now called Disneyland Paris and I have heard that is not been called ‘Eurodisney’ for years.

We took advantage of the 20th anniversary deal to score 5 days and 4 nights at the park. Perhaps too much – it is a small park after all – but it will be more relaxing than if we only had a few days.

The only thing that Marco’s mother asked for was a Winnie the Pooh stuffed doll, somewhat similar to the stuffed Tigger she already has:

little stuffed Tigger

Yes, my foot is being used for a quick and dirty size comparison!

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3 thoughts on “Eurodisney (Or: It’s now Disneyland Paris, right?)

  1. Have fun! And the amount of days is perfect. Gives you plenty of time for everything.

  2. Amanda

    have a lovely time, i just added some photos old that they are now from back in 2007 but gives you an idea of what’s there, Disneyland paris is small? well we stayed like yourselves 5 nights for 4 offer and i found it to be bigger than what it looks, some lovely shops tucked away down a side alley with a lovely coffee shop half way down, the hotels each have their own shop, your going to be amazed and not want to come home i thought i better warn you hehehe you have yourselves a lovely honeymoon at the magical disneylad paris

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