A small tribute to Chuck (Or: Near Central Station)

Not far from The Hague’s Central Station, a small monument for Chuck Deely has appeared. Chuck was a street musician who passed away two years ago today. Earlier in 2018 he received a mural on one of the tram tunnels (scroll down a bit to see the photo).

Memorial to Chuck Deely

This memorial can be found outside of the entrance to Rijnstraat 8. This building is across from the main entrance of The Hague’s Central Station, and houses many government ministries. After crossing the tram tracks and the small street, look for the white marble blocks on your left.

There’s no name or description of what this is, so you’d definitely need to be a local to know.

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4 thoughts on “A small tribute to Chuck (Or: Near Central Station)

  1. I sat in on harmonica with Chuck, back when he fronted the band Rockaine, while I was stationed at Patch Barracks near Stuttgart in 1980. RIP Chuck… You were the real thing brother! “If you wanna save the world… save a little for me…” C. Deely

  2. It’s truly heartwarming how fully the people of the Netherlands embraced, and provided a space for Chuck’s lifelong musical contribution to the universe… As someone who met the man, I am grateful that you’ve placed Chuck’s memory in such a lofty place and memorialized him so meaningfully…

    • Thanks for the comment! Every time I pass by I see that little memorial and think of him. He is still missed.

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