Grote Kerk in Breda (Or: Step back in time)

As mentioned in my last blog post, Marco and I spent our 5th anniversary in Breda. One of the places we visited was the Grote Kerk (Church of Our Lady) which was built between 1410 (!) and 1547. The church serves as a mausoleum for the first generations of the Nassau family (a total of 17 family members being buried there). After the Spanish invaded Breda, the Nassau family began to use the Nieuwe Kerk (New Church) in Delft instead.

Here are some of the photos which I took of this magnificent church:

Grote Kerk in Breda, chandeliers

Grote Kerk in Breda, prayer candles

close up of prayer candles in a secluded part of the church

Grote Kerk in Breda, Engelbrecht sculpture

The memorial commemorates Engelbrecht I van Nassau, his wife Johanna van Polanen, Jan IV van Nassau and his wife Maria van Loon-Heinsberg. The monument was built around 1475.


Grote Kerk in Breda, Engelbrecht tomb (zoomed in)

close up of the monument

Nearby is a tomb with Engelbrecht II and his wife. For a full picture, consult the Dutch National Image bank. There are four men (including one pictured below) supporting a marble slab. Underneath the slab are statues of Engelbrecht II and his wife, in death.

Grote Kerk in Breda - corner part of Engelbrecht II tomb

Close up of one of the kneeling statues.

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2 thoughts on “Grote Kerk in Breda (Or: Step back in time)

  1. minim mama

    Mooie kerk he ,ik ben er al een paar keer geweest.

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