Herb gardens (Or: Antwerp’s botanical garden)

During our visit to Antwerp last week, Marco, Roger and I also visited a small botanical garden, Den Botaniek (English Wikipedia). What can I say, I like to take pictures of pretty flowers…

The koi fish were just an unexpected bonus:

Or, the artwork below. It’s thought provoking, but I just can’t get past the bird crap on the smallest head. Hmm. Perhaps he was trying to hide from the birds but he just couldn’t hide fast enough?

Or a more traditional image:

And some dessert plants – the first thing we saw when we walked into the garden:

It was a great place to visit and I recommend it if you are in Antwerp and want to visit a nice, quiet place not far from the city centre. This garden reminded me of The Hague’s Palace Garden (denhaag.com in English), although The Hague’s garden is more focused on open space for people to mingle. This garden only had a few benches to sit at.

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