Time to app (Or: Word play in a Dutch tram)

Here is a bit of Dutch word play for you. First, the image, taken last month in tram 17 in The Hague:

See the advertisement?

Mijn ticket? Blij dat ik ‘m app!

(Very) roughly translated, it says: “My ticket? I’m glad that I app it [use the app to buy one]”. But the word play is with the word app because when spoken in Dutch it is more of a soft “a” like “aap”. This makes it sounds a lot like heb, from hebben or “to have”. If you don’t speak Dutch you’ll have to trust me on that one. So if you read it quickly you could also say that it says: “My ticket? I’m glad that I have it!”

I don’t know, I love it. It’s an advertisement for public transportation and it is a language joke. What’s not to love?

In other news:

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