Blood pressure (Or: Raving lunatics acting like monkeys)

Again it was an eventful morning, mostly considering I live in a rather rural area. Apparently they were repaving the main road around the entrance to the psychiatric center. Since traffic in both directions only had one lane available, there was one construction worker on our side with a “slow” sign and another at the end of the construction with a “stop” sign to prevent oncoming traffic.

It was a bit… interesting getting past the construction, since there isn’t much room for both them to do their work and us to squeeze past. At one point the bus stopped and backed up, getting dangerously close to the construction equipment. Just picture me staring out the edge of the window, wondering when I should speak up that we were about to smash into it.

We managed to survive that with no scratches to show for it. Whew. Afterwards, we turned right into the psychiatric center, where the bus loops around and comes out the same way, continuing onward. (Of course, some of the patients were standing in the middle of the road, but they did eventually get out of the way prior to the bus running them over. This is normal, sadly.)

When we left the psychiatric center, there was a car ahead of us. It’s a long road, and then you have the option of turning left (back the way we came, through the construction) or turning right (to get to work). I wasn’t quite paying attention at this point, but was rather speaking to a passenger next to me.

All of the sudden I realized that the construction worker with the “slow/stop” sign has turned into a raving lunatic, pouncing on the car as it attempted to turn left when it was given the green light. Unfortunately for the inattentive car driver, the worker probably had the “stop” sign showing, to allow traffic from the other direction to approach. I thought for sure the construction worker was going to jump on the hood of the car as he continued to scream and wave his hands in anger.

All of this of course was probably very scary for the car driver who was still mostly in the intersection. When the construction worker then motioned our bus to turn right, the driver misinterpreted this hand motion as meaning that he should back up. …and of course we were preparing to turn right.

The bus driver laid on his horn to warn the driver that, you know, we were right there.

…Catastrophe averted somehow. Somehow.

Sometimes the nursing students stop by and offer free blood pressure screenings at the library (and other parts of the campus) to any interested parties. I was very glad today was not that day, because my blood pressure was through the roof by then. I was so happy to get off that bus and get to work!

(NOTE: The driver in the car was definitely in the wrong. It was just… crazy to watch the construction worker go off on them so intensely.)

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One thought on “Blood pressure (Or: Raving lunatics acting like monkeys)

  1. Ah, phew, i thought considering the title, this blog post was going to be about me visiting your place..

    Thankfully it wasn’t.. Sounds like exciting times Niki, make sure your blood pressure drops again!

    Talk about blood pressure.. LET’S GO RANGERS!!! (sorry, had to do it..)

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