Euro 2012 (Or: Celebrating a goal, Dutch style)

The TV commercials have begun for Euro 2012, the European Football Championship held June 8th – July 1st. There are 16 teams this year, including the Netherlands. Although Marco mentioned it last week, I saw the first ESPN commercial for it yesterday. It does have a few Dutch moments in the minute long commercial, including a camera sweeping over rabid Dutch fans during a match. Of course they are all dressed in orange and waving Dutch flags.

Generally there is not much soccer/voetbal shown on TV here, except for Saturday mornings when they show the English premiere league games live. But otherwise, they don’t even really mention the American games that much. But I did enjoy the World Cup two years ago, where NBC promised to show every game live (and did). That’s better than the current NHL playoffs, where I only got to see NY Rangers games in round 1, since I don’t have NBC Sports Network (apparently it’s $21/month more for just that channel. No thanks.)

Here’s the image that Marco sent me last week, showing some toys/figures that were being sold in a Dutch store:

Celebrating a goal

Of course, not being from Europe, I didn’t recognize the classic “slide on your knees after scoring a goal” pose that they were doing until Marco pointed it out.

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8 thoughts on “Euro 2012 (Or: Celebrating a goal, Dutch style)

  1. I’m guessing Xenos or Blokker for the store. 🙂 I still have my AH Welpies from Euro 2008, which was shortly after we moved here. Fun times!

    • Were those the little orange critters that you mentioned in a blog post, which still also gets lots of Google searches towards it?

      • No, those were the World Cup Beesies. I haven’t been to AH in a while. I wonder what they’re going to do for Euro 2012.

        • I can’t imagine not going to AH, but that’s just because it is the closest grocery store option. Not big enough, but I am way too used to Shoprite now 😉

          Fun fact: one way to mute some Dutchies is to take them down the Shoprite paper plate aisle. Bonus points if you do it while you are at work and tell them “just pick up some paper plates for me, please”. They will be so confused by all of the choices they will forget how to speak. And then they will come back with the package that has the most plates in it (about 4″ tall) so they never have to go down that aisle again.

  2. Marco

    Xenos 🙂
    Personally I am always amused (yet annoyed) at how “Oranjegek” (orange crazy) our country gets during events like these. Basically we will whine up until the opening minute saying we’ll be kicked out in the opening round. But then once the games start, the country turns totally orange, people go nuts. Total mass hysteria.

  3. verosupertramp85

    I can´t wait for it… I am here in The Hague, I have bought my orange t-shirt and I just can´t wait. I am soooooooooo excited about the Euro ´12… In 2010 I was in Brazil during the World Cup, and it was AMAZING. Now that I am in Europe and in the Netherlands I will enjoy it to the fullest!

  4. Very cool that you were in Brazil during the World Cup. I hope you enjoy Euro 2012!

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