Work gatherings (Or: Life in a new direction)

First off, congratulations to Roger, who will be getting a promotion at work very soon. 🙂 (You rule!) Here’s hoping you’re don’t blush too much to have a mention in my blog!


Today at work we had another all-college meeting, where faculty, administrators (me) and staff have a luncheon. We have one in mid August before the Fall semester, one in mid January before the Spring semester, and one in May for “service recognition”. This is where they honor people who have been there for 5, 10, 15, etc years, plus anyone who gets tenure, retires, or receives the coveted grant money for their projects.

When I started this job in August 2009, I had been on the job for about a week when the August meeting was held. The academic dean introduced me to the college, making the joke that since my predecessor had my job for 30 years, there was a little known stipulation in the contract that said I must hold it for 30 years as well.

Everyone including me laughed at that joke. While at the time I did not think that I would actually spend 30 years there (the likelihood of being in one place for that long wasn’t high nor is there any room for real promotion) I did expect to see myself there for around 10 years.

Well, when I leave in December it will have been 3 years and 4 months. So I wasn’t even there for 5 years (no gift for me!). Although someone else who is widely known and respected in the college was retiring after only 6 years on the job. So perhaps it is possible to make my mark in only 3 or so years.

Another thing that I was thinking about way too much during today’s luncheon was the possibility of a going-away party for me. Personally, I don’t really think I want or need one, but Marco has expressed a genuine interest in going back to campus and attending that. He will be coming to the country in December to come pick me up (and be a luggage mule!). It sounds like he wants one, so I will have to ask around to make sure one takes place (they usually do, on some scale). Maybe I can have him bring some speculaas and stroopwafels in his luggage so everyone can have a Dutch dessert…

So much to ponder. Things I never thought of 3 years ago.

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One thought on “Work gatherings (Or: Life in a new direction)

  1. Great post. I am sure you have made your mark in the ‘short’ time that you have been there.

    You will be sorely missed!

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