Random finds (Or: A quarter to call you)

Well, it’s not quite a quarter to call, but you get the idea. I found this in my closest last week:

4 quarters from Marco, taped together

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away… I was but a poor Masters student with not much money to my name. While I had had a part time job after college to save up some money, 90% of it went towards rent during my one and a half years at Rutgers.

To give you some idea, I started the job I have now with less than $2,000 in the bank. Another month without finding a job and I would have had to move back home. Of course my parents were okay with that, but I definitely wasn’t. So I sort of lucked out with finding this job…

Anyway, while I was living in New Brunswick and studying for my degree, I had made a mention to Marco that I had to be very careful with the texts that I was sending, because each one was 25 cents. I had sent him 4 in a short span, or something similar. (To receive one was only 5 cents.) I am still with that prepay plan, but mostly because I don’t use the phone enough to have to worry about it.

A few weeks later I received a letter from Marco. It felt a bit heavier than just a simple letter, though. I opened it up and out came four quarters taped together. He had even written “evil” on one side (not shown) and “grin” on the other… an evil grin (a reference to the game we both play). His accompanying letter mentioned that now we were even and he had paid me back for the four texts.

I am sort of surprised he still had any quarters or American change left on him to mail, since he and Roger used to make it a habit to dump their change on a NY bum on their last day of their vacation (generally whichever one was creative enough to get their interest).

Of course the quarters actually amuse me too much to spend them. I never will.

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2 thoughts on “Random finds (Or: A quarter to call you)

  1. aww, that sweet.. way to go Marco

  2. You have a treasure with Marco. I will look at quarters differently from now on. Virginia

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