Dutch letters (Or: Holding the paper at an angle)

First off: exactly 7 months until the (predicted) move. We tentatively set a date of December 18 for the flight to the Netherlands.

* * *

As a thank you for Marco’s dad and his wife sending me an Easter card (Paaskaart) and a birthday card (verjaardagkaart), I wrote them a letter earlier this week.

In Dutch.

The letter I mailed to Marco’s dad and wife 🙂

(Yes, Marco helped.) First I wrote out what I wanted to say in English, and then wrote out what I thought it was in Dutch, and then later when I saw Marco online he helped me fix things. As expected, some sentences were pretty decent – and some were pretty screwed up!

It was a fun exercise. I need to do more of that. Underneath the letter, you can see my notebook with Dutch notes.

Oh, and you can also see that I accidentally held the letter at a bit of an angle when I wrote!

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One thought on “Dutch letters (Or: Holding the paper at an angle)

  1. Happy belated birthday Niki.
    Congrats with the progress in Dutch!

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