Happenings (Or: On other dutch blog posts)

I am tempted to put a “counter” on the top of each blog post, similar to the ones you see at the “Looking Overseas for the American Dream” blog.

Number of days I have studied Dutch: 3

(See? If it’s anything like this blog, that means I will never go a day without studying Dutch. When I first started this blog, I never thought I would go post every single day. But then it gets into my routine, and good luck getting it out again.)

Speaking of blogs, here are some blog posts that I have found interesting lately (note: just a sampling).

1. Six Degrees of Separation, by Journalist on the Run

Guy loses camera while vacationing in Europe. Another person finds camera. Posts pictures to Facebook. Lots and lots of people share said pictures in hopes that the original guy sees it. Guy is found. – That post inspired my blog post.

2. Dutch for Dummies: Or how I am going to bump up my Dutch a level or two this summer, by a Georgia Peach Abroad

Ah, the joy of inburgeringAnd getting screwed out of getting a good class so you have to work three times as hard to keep up. If you are an expat (or a native Dutchie) with advice feel free to stop by her blog.

3. In Praise of Ceramics, by A Flamingo In Utrecht

I liked the artwork and the poem. Partially because I could translate about half of it.

Hey, it’s progress!

4. The Why & How of Pet Microchipping, by June in Holland

All the little things you need to think about before you move to the Netherlands – you musn’t forget about the pets. Here is a bonus post about finding an airline that allows you to have two cats in the cabin. Otherwise one of them would have to go into the cargo hold…

5. Pool Time, by Adriana Hartley

About a month to go before her family moves to the Netherlands. This post talks about a going away party with the extended family before you move.

There are more, but that is for another day. Otherwise I will be avoiding the Dutch studying counter above!

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  1. Thanks for linking to my post!

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