Sticky! (Or: What can you make from 450k post it notes?)

Artwork for the Tour de France, of course! The race is starting from Liege, Belgium this year, so their local mall used 450,000 sticky notes to create a collage of bicycle related art.

Laurent Dubrule/Reuters

Of course, it would not be Belgium without the MediaMarkt store in the background of the next photo… MediaMarkt is also somewhat visible in the picture above (you can see the red text at the bottom).

Laurent Dubrule/Reuters

Of course, I don’t really follow the Tour de France. This is mainly because the television coverage isn’t that great in the States. Only two of the dates are airing on NBC. The rest will be shown on the NBC Sports Network. I heard that channel is $20 a month extra!

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2 thoughts on “Sticky! (Or: What can you make from 450k post it notes?)

  1. oooh post-it art!! At my job we have windows looking out into the atrium on every floor. So it was a given some post-it art would show up. This was quickly crushed by the powers that be and deemed inappropriate though. Who does not enjoy darth vaders helmet stuck to a window i ask thee?

    • That sucks. That would have really helped morale!

      Until someone decides to do an adult-themed montage after hours. ;P

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