Heat (Or: Maybe I’ll fly to Seattle)

The theme of the weekend is heat, heat, and more heat. I think the States are slowly turning into a large sweltering desert.

For your reference, 100F = roughly 38C. For me, it was still 95F at 8PM tonight. But, it still beats the harsh winter. And the heat can mostly be countered by lots of ice water. Though of course then I want to chew more ice! But Seattle (in the upper left) looks nice at 69F.

Heck, let me just move to the Netherlands 5 or so months early…

Tonight is more Olympic trials — for diving and gymnastics. The latter is my favorite summer Olympics sport by far, even if sometimes I can’t watch since I don’t want to see someone fall! Did you hear about the London taxi cab driver who is going to turn his taxi into a hotel room each night of the Olympics?

It carries such amenities as a solar powered fridge, an iPad, a bedside lamp, curtains, and more. It’s not so much that he is trying to make extra money, just recoup the money he expects to lose. (Taxis are not allowed to use the special Olympic traffic lanes, so they expect more traffic and slower journeys.)

On a non-Olympic note with something closer to home, don’t forget to watch your step. One of the subway exits in Brooklyn has a rogue step that causes a lot of commuters to trip. The cringe-inducing incidents were caught on tape in a 87 second video by a New Yorker who realized that no, he wasn’t a klutz… everyone was tripping at the same place.   (In the video you can see a quick look at the step).

The issue is that the steps preceding it are about 7 1/4″ tall or a bit less. The rogue step is about 8″ tall – about an inch too high for the MTA’s guidelines. To their credit, within 24 hours of the video appearing (and gaining over 300k hits) the MTA had already closed off that particular subway exit and were looking at refurbishing the entire staircase by tomorrow. Apparently you’ll have to find somewhere else to lose your balance.

Just not on an Olympic balance beam, please.

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4 thoughts on “Heat (Or: Maybe I’ll fly to Seattle)

  1. We are back from Toronto, and that means back to being cold again. The fireplace was turned on first thing this A.m. Too bad we can’t do a little swapping here. Virginia

  2. I can’t believe Florida is actually cooler than North Carolina. My poor parents. At least they have air conditioning. I hate the heat, and even our lowkey heatwave this week is a bit much for me. You can’t even go into the stores to cool off after walking around, since they have no AC either.

    • Well the worst thing about AC is when the store decides to crank it on as high as possible and you shiver yourself to death. Thankfully haven’t seen that yet!

      On the plus side, it’s a good stretch of days to get a bit more color to the skin.

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