Snack addictions (Or: Another one for the expats)

Seen at the Amsterdam Centraal Station [Edit: this is actually at Schiphol airport at a store called “Food Village”, see the comment below]:

On the bottom you can see the Cheez-It crackers. It is one of my current addictions. Sometimes (not often) I also go to the local deli and get some fresh cheddar cheese slices to put on top. I definitely prefer salty snacks. Oh, and yellow mustard, which is thankfully at Marco’s local Albert Heijn.

Number of days (straight) I have studied Dutch: 0. Whoops! Forgot all about it on Friday. We’ll see what I can do about making that a 1 again.

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3 thoughts on “Snack addictions (Or: Another one for the expats)

  1. Don’t forget to get Marco to try the Asian Tomato Soup at his local Albert Heijn. I was addicted to it. Virginia

  2. Just a little correction so expats don’t flock to Amsterdam Central Station to unsuccessfully find the Cheez-its.
    The picture was taken at Schiphol. I believe the store is called Food Village and they have a number of foreign brand name foods there.

    • Thanks. My little birdie sent me the picture on the way home from the 2nd Pearl Jam concert so I think he was understandably tired when he sent me the email/description. 😉 Though come to think of it, he did tell me Schiphol in the MSN conversations.

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