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Waiting (Or: Inside Schiphol airport)

Today we are going to pick up my parents, brother, and sister-in-law at Schiphol airport. It is only one day before the wedding!

Here are some pictures that Marco and I took back in July while waiting for our flight (so beyond the security area):

chairs in Schiphol airport

Where would you like to sit?

relaxing area within Schiphol airport

Can you see the cat?

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First day (Or: Tired but here)

So I have arrived. Marco and I are alone, after the guests have all said adieu and gone home.

The first flight was JFK to Dublin. In the morning, Roger, Marco and I checked out of the New Yorker hotel around 10am (which pretty much meant just dropping off our room keys in the key drop near the elevator). Then we went and had a late breakfast at Ellen’s Stardust Diner, a 1950s retro themed restaurant where the waitstaff sing at you. I had a Brooklyn bagel, which was a bagel with scrambled eggs and American cheese on top. The singing was fine – it was mainly the waitstaff walking around with a microphone singing.

Eventually we made it back down to the New Yorker hotel and grabbed our bags from storage, and then made our way on the Long Island Railroad to Jamaica station. Once there, we transferred to the air train which would take us to JFK. At least it was much more spacious than the air train that connects the NJTransit stop to Newark airport, the airport we usually use.

I didn’t have any issues at all dropping off my luggage at the Aer Lingus desk, and the lady also helpfully printed our boarding passes for the next flight (Dublin to Amsterdam) as that had not been an option on the website. Security was annoying (when isn’t it?) but nothing that we haven’t seen before. We then waited around a bit for our flight to take off.

On the flight over, Roger and Marco managed to get some sleep (a bit – not great) but I mostly just dozed. Roger and I used the inflight entertainment option to listen to some music. The options were okay but not great, but admittedly I need to listen to more music. It also took forever to get from page 1 to page 24, for instance. But it was good otherwise.

We then arrived at the Dublin airport just after 5AM, as planned. We ended up sitting up on the 4th floor somewhere outside of the Burger King, where we camped out waiting for them to tell us what our gate was. And waited. And waited. The gate opened at 8:40AM and the gate number flashed up on the screen just after 8:30. Crazy.

We also had a delay with the flight, boarding at 9:25AM for our 9:30 flight. I started to doze off more heavily here, although I was jerked awake by the announcements at times. But we still only arrived 5 minutes late, although taxiing from the remote stretch of land that is the outskirts of Schiphol airport took at least 10 minutes. No joke.

Getting through passport control was a breeze. The worker asked what my purpose was for coming to the Netherlands, and I said to move. I then told him to look in the back for my MVV sticker, which he stamped and said I was good to go. So very anti-climatic…

After that we grabbed our luggage and made our way to the arrivals hall, where Marco’s mom was waiting to greet us. After exchanging some hugs and pleasantries we then made our way to the train which we took home to the Hague. Marco’s dad and his wife were waiting in his apartment. We chatted for a while, sharing banketstaaf (“bread” with almond paste in the middle).

After the house guests were gone, Marco and I napped for a while in our new bed (very firm!). Sleep is good – we definitely have our priorities straight!

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Today’s the day

life in the hague

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Snack addictions (Or: Another one for the expats)

Seen at the Amsterdam Centraal Station [Edit: this is actually at Schiphol airport at a store called “Food Village”, see the comment below]:

On the bottom you can see the Cheez-It crackers. It is one of my current addictions. Sometimes (not often) I also go to the local deli and get some fresh cheddar cheese slices to put on top. I definitely prefer salty snacks. Oh, and yellow mustard, which is thankfully at Marco’s local Albert Heijn.

Number of days (straight) I have studied Dutch: 0. Whoops! Forgot all about it on Friday. We’ll see what I can do about making that a 1 again.

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Airplanes (Or: Flying British Airways & KLM/Delta)

The first time I flew to the Netherlands was also the first time that I flew out of the country. I remember how cool it was go to the post office and get my picture taken for my passport, and waiting for it to arrive in the mail. (And nervously waiting for them to return my birth certificate, which they did.)

The first time I had a very short stop in London to visit another friend, so each way I flew British Airways. On the flight to London I secured an exit row seat, which was nice for the sleeping aspect. On the way there, flights generally take 6 1/2 or 7 hours from NY. On the way back to the States, it takes a bit longer due to head wind. I like to take a red eye flight (6:10PM or 9:30PM are the choices) when heading to the Netherlands and on the way back I take a late morning flight.

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