First days (Or: Back in the groove of school)

School started on Monday, and it’s been an interesting week so far. I definitely have to get used to having students around. They fall into many groups.

1. Lost freshman

One of them was a student who thought today was the day her class was in the library– nope, they come on Friday for my class.

For a moment I was a bit worried, since she was already 5 minutes late and needed to walk to a building that was about 10 minutes away still. But after a minute, we realized her class met on Mondays and Fridays, not Wednesdays and Fridays like I originally thought.

2. Very, very nervous freshman

We had an unannounced fire drill yesterday afternoon, so I was walking around outside meeting the students and finding out what classes they were taking. One of them asked for help with copying, so I said I would help her when we were given the all clear and allowed to go back in. At the same time, I was walking around to the front of the building a few times to make sure that even though the alarm had been turned off, the other offices hadn’t gone inside yet. (They usually forget to come around and tell the library people we can go back in!)

First two times – no problem.

Third time – I walk down the path and I hear someone’s sandals striking the stones as they ran after me. “Oh! I thought you were going to leave! I thought She said she was going to help me! — you can’t leave!”

Well okay then. Definitely nervous. I explained I was just checking something out real quick. (I managed to help her and her friends after the fire drill ended.)

3. Returning students who needed help last semester

These are the students who you know will be asking for a lot of help this semester, just like last semester. You always have to steel yourself up, take a deep breath, and jump into the task. (Admittedly, there are a few students who have overstepped their bounds and basically wanted me to do everything, so I am careful with limiting my time with them so they don’t keep using me as a crutch.)

4. Returning students who thought for sure I had left already

Nope. Last day of work isn’t until mid-December, but thanks for asking.

Yes, I wish I had left in August. 😛

5. Students who still expect us to have free printing downstairs

Last year when the Commons opened, we had free printing and copying for the first semester, partially as a method to get them in the door. (We extended this for the Spring semester as well.) Well, you can imagine the abuse. It was horrible — I think the trees outside were crying.

Paper comes to us in boxes: the box probably has 10 packages, each of 500 sheets. So 5,000 sheets per box. We were going through a box every 7-10 days! I think the final total count for printing and copying over the year was 148,000 or so. Though admittedly I didn’t see a lot of paper waste left in the recycling bin. But still. It was insane.

Today I realized… crap, I still to prepare for this class and that class and…

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