Brazilian food (Or: It’s all about the pineapple)

From Marco…

This past Sunday, Roger invited his family and me out to dinner.
He picked a place called Rodizio ( which is a Brazilian restaurant in Scheveningen.
You don’t order a meal, they just bring a whole slew of skewers with meat to your table, and you get a slice of everything your hungry heart desires. Good times..

When Niki was visiting in the Summer of 2011, we went there as well.
I think that maybe at first she was a bit cautious about what they were trying to give to her.
But that soon faded as they brought delicious chicken and beef and sausages.
I do remember there was one type that she didn’t like, but that’s fine..there was plenty to choose from.

The fun thing is that officially you get a little round green/red sign that you put in front of you.
Green means you want more. Red means you’re skipping this round.
Though usually they don’t really check them.
It’s only when everyone on your table has the red sign that they act on it, and they know to take your plates.

(Note from Niki: When I first read this I thought it said “they know to take your pulse.” Haha.)

Another good thing about this place? It’s where I discovered Caipirinha’s.
The first time I went there (2 years ago) it was like a sort of after-work party.
We got a short class in how to make those (and Mojitos but those aren’t nearly as good).
When I make them myself, they’re a bit more sour (also more alcohol I bet) which is fine but I have to admit, the ones at the restaurant look better.

I could write for a while longer about the fun eating (and drinking) experience that is Rodizio.
But I am being urged by Niki to go to sleep (it’s 11.30 pm at the moment)
Which is fine, it just means I’ll be one day closer to the day I get to go there again with her 🙂

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3 thoughts on “Brazilian food (Or: It’s all about the pineapple)

  1. Marco

    Heh. I just realized I never mentioned the pine apple.
    One of the awesome dishes they walk around with (tho not as often as the meat skewers) is “grilled pine apple”
    It’s nice. Especially because it’s warm and if you get a slice from the outside it’s actually a bit toasted. I remember Niki not being sold on it when she was told about it, but once she tasted it, she wanted more.
    That’s the first thing she said actually when I told her I’d be going there. “Oooh. pine apple! I want that too!”

    • Yes, I was definitely weary of it at first. But grilled pineapple is really good, especially due to the unexpected warmth..

  2. It all sounds delicious. Virginia

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