London (Or: Camden Lock Market)

Continuing the London theme, another place I visited in my short 36 hours was the Camden Lock. It is an open air market that was first started in 1975.

It is only closed one day a year – Christmas Day.

Seeing the open air market just makes me want another hot, freshly baked stroopwafel. Yum.

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2 thoughts on “London (Or: Camden Lock Market)

  1. Marco

    I think I might’ve actually been to this place once.
    But that was as a teenager on a one-day trip to London.
    So we were probably thinking “Wait..this is not the Virgin or HMV music store! Abort!”

    As for the stroopwafels.. the weather is going from “too cold for the time of year” to “cold..but expected for this time of year” so I’m sure the stroopwafel vendors will pop up soon enough. 🙂

  2. Standing in front of the stroopwafel maker in the market at Amsterdam – what a glorious thing to eat – freshly made – still hot – with the syrup running down your fingers. Virginia

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