Squares (Or: A Chicago pizza pie)

This past Christmas, Marco and Roger came with me to meet my parents in Chicago for the first time. The very first night we were there, we ordered pizza.

It’s a family sized pizza, since we wanted leftovers the next day (of which there were plenty!). And the pizza made Marco drool. He was reminiscing about it a week or two ago, specifically that the pizza was cut into squares not slices.. If you look closely, you can see the square cuts.

Of course, I had no idea that about 36 hours later (give or take a few) I would be engaged. The proposal happened while unwrapping gifts Christmas morning. I really had no idea. Even when someone at church accidentally almost gave it away at the Christmas Eve service… I was totally clueless and said “No…? We’re not getting engaged until later in 2012.” Oh how little I knew.

As Marco mentioned, there was a lot of scheming going on. He actually called my parents a month or so prior about the upcoming engagement, and my parents actually wrapped up the ring box in a stocking for the dog. They knew I’d help unwrap the dogs present. And then of course there was also the scheming being done for my mom’s Christmas gift – a new netbook. It was very hard to concentrate on her unwrapping her gift, since I was spending too much time staring at my new ring!

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3 thoughts on “Squares (Or: A Chicago pizza pie)

  1. Good times!

  2. Marco

    Yes, the scheming and everything was so awesome. Kind of like when we surprised my mom a year before 🙂
    Unfortunately it seems that there’ll be little schemes this year.
    You come to the Netherlands, we all party. Done. 🙂

    • Niki

      Wrapped inside that party is deciding what the New Year’s festivities are. 🙂 oliebollen and long island iced teas!


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