Procrastination (Or: Get a move on)

The interesting thing is that the closer my move gets, the more I seem to procrastinate. Things were very frenzied in July and August, but it has become a slow simmer…

Things seem to be going slowly, but at the same time quite fast. I only have 9 weeks of work left. Soon we will start scheduling interviews for my position — of the 25 or so resumes we received, we will likely interview 5 of them. It does cause a bit of trepidation, as it does show that people are desperate to get a job and why am I leaving mine again?

But only a bit of trepidation – things will work out. They always do (after I freak out a bit and Marco rolls his eyes and tells me to calm down ;p).

The main things I have to get figured out are related to health insurance, and eventually finding a doctor (huisarts) to go to. The rest just seems to be waiting, although Marco, Roger and I have started to make plans for the December trip when they come to party in New York City and then take me back. The days are slipping past.

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2 thoughts on “Procrastination (Or: Get a move on)

  1. Jessabella

    Time sure passes fast eh? Must be exciting for u! 🙂

    • Very exciting. Though it has been over a year since we decided, so at this point it also just feels “expected”. ;p

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