Oh no (Or: Where’s my ESPN?)

Today I woke up as normal. Got ready, made breakfast, sat down in front of the television and loaded up Google Chrome to send Marco the much anticipated morning email. But when I turned on the TV…

I was greeted with the (light) blue screen of death.

Important Information about Your Service

A digital cable box (or CableCARD) is needed to receive this channel. Please contact us at (866) 580-0535 to have a digital cable box shipped to your home FREE of charge OR visit one of our Optimum Stores.

Here is some more info: news article from NPR

I have managed to make it almost 5 years without needing a cable box, and I consider that a very good run. (For the record, in both places my landlord paid for cable as part of the rent agreement and I used their cable hookup.) Each cable box is $7.60 per month. You see above where they say it’s free? Read it closely – it really means the shipping of the box is free. They know how to get you.

I just have about 5 channels now: CBS, NBC, FOX, 9, and 11 (and 11 is some weird channel I have never heard of before). There’s another 4-5 channels that I have never watched before available as well.

I think now the plan is that I will just end up watching more TV shows on the internet, rather than trying to find a cable box for the last two months that I am here.  It did give my heart some pain to realize that meant Roger wouldn’t be able to watch Rangers games live while he is here in December… But otherwise, I am just missing out on ESPN and a few other things. Usually the TV is on mostly for the background noise.

Still – hmph.

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3 thoughts on “Oh no (Or: Where’s my ESPN?)

  1. Marco

    And no Maury on the days you’ll be at work! Or Spongebob! 🙂
    You are SO gonna be spoiled when you get here and have over 80 channels (again)
    Of course, 60 of those I’ve never watched before myself, but I have them! 🙂

    I do admit, my reaction last night was “What the…? How will you survive.” but I have faith in your ability to shrug it off…and then laugh when you say you’re bored in a few weeks >:)

  2. No need to worry about me not being able to watch Rangers games. Since there is a huge chance there won’t be any hockey to begin with in December. Either way, i am sure we will have plenty of fun without cable tv.

    • Doing good so far since at least the MLB playoffs moved from TBS to FOX. I am just going to miss Raw. 😉

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