Food mashing! (Or: It must be getting colder outside)

From Marco…

When Niki was in the Netherlands in summer 2010, she asked if we’d have traditional Dutch food. I kind of told her no, since a lot of Dutch food is winter food.
So when she was was here in December of that year, she asked again.
And again I told her we probably shouldn’t. Though of course we did introduce her to ‘oliebollen’.

The reason of course is that one of the most typical types of Dutch food are ‘stamppot’ (mash pot) which is usually potatoes mashed with some sort of vegetable. Personally I’m not a big fan of them, and I sort of doubt if Niki is. But who knows? (Note from Niki: yeah… he knows I don’t like mixing different foods together…)

The one type of stamppot that I do like is with sauerkraut.

My mom made some this week (because it’s getting colder, so it’s time for winter food!) and brought it over yesterday. Good times!
Now, probably each family has their own little customs when it comes to these dishes. But one of the most common traditions is to put it on your plate, make a large indent in the middle, and then pour gravy in there. Also, there has to be ‘rookworst’ (smoked sausage).
Definitely got to have smoked sausage.

I’m sure at some point Niki will be introduced to these kind of Dutchie foods.
I wonder if she’s going to enjoy it….

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2 thoughts on “Food mashing! (Or: It must be getting colder outside)

  1. I love the fact that in December one gets to eat oliebollen. I was delighted when our farmer-neighbors – born in Holland, invited us on the night of the first snowfall – to have oliebollen. It wasn’t as rich as what I enjoyed in Amsterdam, but it was good on a cold winter night. Virginia

    • Yes, I am definitely looking forward to oliebollen. Nice and warm, covered in poedersuiker (powdered sugar).

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