Fall (Or: Leaves along the side of the road)

Fall is here.

In the above picture, you can see a tree branches and leaves waiting for pickup – with the leaves extended pretty far down the road. On the right edge, there is also a green metal box. That is a relay box used by the U.S. Post Office. Where I live, the mail is delivered by postal workers on foot, so at certain spots in their route they stop at the relay boxes. Inside each is mail to retrieve for that specific part of the area.

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2 thoughts on “Fall (Or: Leaves along the side of the road)

  1. Jim

    Learned something new. I always wondered what they were for

  2. Yep. I got the info from my mailman, as I used to meet him as he was getting the mail from the box. The mail is actually delivered by a different worker who goes around to each of the boxes as part of his job.

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