It’s official! (Or: Plane tickets to NL purchased)

Marco, Roger, and I booked our plane tickets to the Netherlands! They are going to arrive on the 7th of December, and all three of us are going back on December 17th. So it seems my blog countdown was right all along – I am setting foot in the Netherlands on the 18th.

Of course, the cheapest way to do it was through Aer Lingus, as they do not penalize you for buying “only” a one way ticket (see an earlier post here). So each flight has a layover in Dublin (for 6 hours and 4 hours!). But we are leaving early enough before Christmas that we won’t have to pay an arm and a leg — my ticket was only $584. It goes up $100 the next day, and then $200 each for the next few days before stabilizing around $1050ish that weekend. Yowch.

We also booked a NYC hotel room for two days – Dec 15 and 16 – so we are actually leaving my apartment for the final time on the 15th, not the 17th. That way we can just go straight to JFK from NYC itself, rather than deal with a really long, tiring train ride to get there.

In a more emotional sense, I definitely had watery eyes after the tickets were purchased. FINALLY! It’s been a long time coming. And of course, the way my body operates: stressful situation resolved? Let’s bring on a cold! Figures. 😛

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4 thoughts on “It’s official! (Or: Plane tickets to NL purchased)

  1. Indeed a big moment – buying a one way ticket Niki. I hope you’re cold doesn’t put you under too much. The next few weeks are going to fly by. What excitement. Virginia

    • I spent the morning separating my books out into a ‘keep’ pile and a ‘donate to the library’ pile. The keep pile was much, much smaller!…

  2. Nice! Congratulations! 🙂

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