Counting Down (Or: Under a week)

Three more days of work, three and a half more days in Pearl River… the countdowns are getting more numerous by the minute it seems. (In fact, today might have been the last day I needed to trudge up the hill, as I am probably getting rides home the rest of the days. But we’ll see…)

Work has been going pretty good. I still need to clear off parts of my desk, but I did the major bits of it last week. I finished a long-ago-promised project for the psychology department, and can deliver the .avi file tomorrow at some point. I still have 10 or so reminders popping up every so often in Microsoft Outlook, but the number of those is dwindling as well.

After work entertainment has also been good. Yesterday was a relaxing day at home eating beef stew (prepared the night before and placed in the slow cooker in the morning) and watching various tv shows. Tonight we went to the Palisades Center. I got a hair cut and we visited our favorite stores and said our final goodbyes to the mall. It’s been a good place to go over the last few years, all four floors of that gargantuan warehouse-like building. Mainly I will miss the convenience of tons of stores in the same place! One stop shopping to the extreme.

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