Counting Down II (Or: #finalcountdown)

From Marco…

Yesterday Niki wrote about her final days ‘here’.
Today it’s my turn to give you a bit of insight..

While I’m a hothead and usually not a patient person,
I am actually quite cool and relaxed under pressure..but not this time around.

Last week when I was working on my apartment I felt overwhelmed, no clue how to start and what to do..
This week I’m much better. Well doh, obviously.
With the help of my friends & family it all worked out fine šŸ™‚

So now the final countdown is really on. Niki got her mvv, my place is ready..
We’ve had fun so far at the mall and just hanging out etcetera.
But there’s also been some “serious” moments .. we’ve done a trial run of packing our suitcases.
It seems 90% fits in Niki’s and my own luggage. So that means that if we use the extra space in Roger’s luggage too we won’t need to use any extra space and thus pay for it.

Time’s going it’s already Wednesday (oooh new comic book day) and Roger and I will head into New York for some random fun. Once we get back, we will pack our suitcases for real this time, and then head back there WITH Niki on Saturday.

Yup. Time to put ‘the Final countdown’ on repeat on my ipod.

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