Lights (Or: Local Christmas tree at dawn)

This picture was actually taken the morning that I went to the Dutch consulate to pick up my MVV sticker. The last time that I had gone, I had taken a slightly later train but found myself running through New York City to get to 3rd avenue in time.

So this time I took the 6:45am train, which meant leaving the house just before 6:30. (The little bit of extra time meant I could mail a few Christmas cards to send out to people.)

But under the cover of darkness, I was able to get a photo of the town’s Christmas tree by the train station.

local Christmas tree at dawn

It was nice to be in the city so early, as it meant I didn’t have to run across the city to get somewhere on time, be it the consulate or the bus terminal to get back to work. My feet definitely thanked me for going for an earlier train this time.

Today is my last day. And it is also the Christmas party at work, which Marco has graciously decided he would attend. (Graciously, since he might get a few dirty looks for stealing me away!)

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