Welkom (Or: A visit to the Hague’s International Centre)

Today I visited the International Centre in the Hague’s City Hall. It’s on the first floor, but if you use the main entrance (near the library entrance) it is clear on the other side of the building. Their main website is thehague.com.

Here are some images of the space:

Inside the city hall of The Hague

I received an information booklet on the city hall and it stated that the city hall had been used in the film Ocean’s Twelve (in the movie it was the Europol headquarters).

sign near the International Centre in the Hague

I feel a bit far from “home” now (New York). Just kidding.

Here was the welcome package I received:

bag from the International Centre in the Hague

And the items inside:

Welcome package from the International Centre in the Hague

Here is a list:

– flyer on what to do with household waste (garbage and recycling)
– information on the next upcoming information session and tour for new residents, February 18
– information on an organization called “The Hague Midtown”
– copy of a newspaper called The Local Expat
– thehagueonline.com winter 2012-2013 magazine (lists events)
– The International Correspondent magazine
– “Freebee Map” to Den Haag and Scheveningen
– promotion for “The Guest Card” with a free 1 year membership (discount, events type card)
– Expactia Expat Survival Guide, 2013
– healthcare brochure
– ‘The Hague thinks ahead’ disaster planning flyer
– Expat Events Calendar flyer (www.expatevents.com)
– Access brochure
– “City in One: The Expat Guide of the Hague”, 2013
– brochure on the city hall, with historical information
– bike path map
– guide to Scheveningen
– HTM bus, tram, and train map
– HTM guide on what to take to go shopping, to the beach, to the region, etc
– and an actual hardcover book, just under 200 pages. ‘Manners in the Netherlands’
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