Zoetermeer (Or: Easter tree displays and restaurants)

A few week ago I went with Marco’s mother to Zoetermeer. We went to the shopping area (Stadshart) near Zoetermeer Centrum, mostly to shop and have lunch. We ended up having lunch at Napoleon Brasserie where I had the bal gehakt, which is mainly a meatball sandwich – of sorts. It was pretty decent, although I was expecting there to be some juice alongside. But no, just the meat and the bread (and some mustard packets).

menu at Napoleon Brasserie in Zoetermeer

What can I say – I liked the candles!

I also took a picture of an Easter tree display in one of the stores (maybe Blokker, not sure). You can buy little birds, butterflies, and similar to hang on an Easter tree as decoration.

Easter tree display in the Netherlands

Now if only Spring would come for good. It snowed a little bit yesterday! Though not for long and nothing stuck.

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One thought on “Zoetermeer (Or: Easter tree displays and restaurants)

  1. Marco

    To further illustrate the temperature here. It was warmer over Christmas than it is now, over Easter. Argh.

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