Hot Spring days (Or: Bevrijdingsdag festivals)

The month of May seems to be full of holidays within the Netherlands. Saturday the 4th was Dodenherdenkingdag (Remembrance Day). doden = (dead, plural), herdenking (remembrance), dag = day. This is the day to remember all of the dead in wars or peacekeeping efforts since World War II began. For The Hague, the local church bells began ringing at 7:45 until 8:00PM, when two minutes of silence are observed.

The following day is Bevrijdingsdag (Liberation Day), when the Dutch celebrate the country’s liberation from German occupation in World War II. There are a lot of festivals around various cities, so Marco and I decided to visit the one in The Hague and check out the music. Here are some of the pictures:

US army tanks at Liberation Day festinal in The Hague

US army tanks on display at the entrance

Liberation Day festinal in The Hague 2

one of the stages. Did I mention the weather was gorgeous?

Liberation Day festinal in The Hague

view of The Hague’s skyline

school bus at the Liberation Day festinal in The Hague

school bus converted into “American” food stand. (A lot of things labeled American truly aren’t…)

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3 thoughts on “Hot Spring days (Or: Bevrijdingsdag festivals)

  1. Just like a lot of products on US television (mostly on commercials presentations) that are labeled as ‘all the rage all over Europe’ have never been seen anywhere in Europe *smile*

    Looks like fun times were had. *hugs*

    • Now I am remembering the crazy ‘European hair extensions!” sign at the hair dresser in Pearl River (just before the library).

  2. Marco

    Haha yeah, like how they always have a Bri’ish sounding guy present the latest kitchen tool in those shows, yeah.

    But yes, ‘american hotdogs’ are nothing like the stuff you buy in the states. First of all, our bread is different. Second, yeah it’s just not the same. BBQ is still aweful here. At least American mustard is close enough to the real thing for you.

    And yes Roger, fun times were had, though we basically just circled the Malieveld. We only stayed there for about 30-45 minutes I think.

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