Popcatepetl (Or: Mexican restuarant in The Hague)

Yesterday I went with Marco’s mother for her birthday to Popcatepetl (nickname Popo, since they are smart enough to realize no sane person can pronounce that). I first blogged about the restaurant last year, but it seems like the service has been getting worse since then. This is my third time there since I have moved to the Netherlands and usually the problem is the service.

Granted, it was kind of busy for a Tuesday night and we chose to sit outside on the patio (with the ants, but that’s another story!) but it was still a bit too annoying for us. For instance, a couple came in about 5 minutes after us, and managed to get their food before we even ordered. Yeesh! The only thing we didn’t have to flag someone down for was the drinks when we first arrived. Total time at the restaurant was about 2 hours, 15 minutes, and we didn’t wait too long after finishing the meal to ask for the check.

The food was decent, though. Not spectacular, but decent. I had the nachos with chicken and she had the “Popcatepetl ensalada”, with a lot of different items: salad, bacon, chicken, kidney beans, olives, corn, avocado, a filled jalapeño pepper and some paprika.

chicken nachos at Popo in The Hague

chicken nachos (chicken is hidden in the middle, but there was enough)

Popocatepetl Ensalada at Popo in The Hague

Popocatepetl Ensalada

We both had a lot of leftover items on our plates that we had no interest in eating, unfortunately.

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4 thoughts on “Popcatepetl (Or: Mexican restuarant in The Hague)

  1. I am sorry the dinner experience wasn’t all that good.
    Last time i went there the service was excellent, so it’s really hit or miss..

    • It was admittedly better when Marco and I went there with the folks from England, at least.

  2. At least the food looks delicious and it has a good presentation.

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