Wedding rings (Or: One ring to rule him all)

Today Marco and I officially purchased our wedding rings. Here is his:

Hello Kitty ring

I kid, I kid. You think I’d show the wedding ring off before the big day? But the reason I used the Hello Kitty design is because he’s been known to jokingly like Hello Kitty. When I first met him he had a tiny little Helly Kitty accessory hanging off his phone (I forgot who gave it to him). When it broke off, I got him another one as a joke. But of course he put it on there because he liked it! Or me. Yeah, probably the second thing…

And let’s not forget the $1 Hello Kitty band-aids mom found on discount some years ago. He was also gifted those. I think they were found recently somewhere in this apartment.

If it wasn’t going to be a picture of a Hello Kitty ring, I was going to post a picture of the decoder ring in A Christmas Story, another one of my favorite movies. I grew up watching it every Christmas with my folks, and Marco has seen it a few times now as well. Unfortunately it is not actually a ring…

The blog title was suggested by him, but we did just watch the first Lord of the Rings movie (The Fellowship of the Ring). Not sure when we’ll put the second one in.

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4 thoughts on “Wedding rings (Or: One ring to rule him all)

  1. Awesome!! Hello Kitty is da bomb!!

  2. Margriet Brouwer

    It must be all very exiting for you. Can’t wait for the invitation to arrive. You will be a lovely bride! Don’t worry it will be a wonderfull day for the both of you.

    • Soon enough! We sent off our “proefdruk” (print sample for English readers) today, so hopefully that will arrive tomorrow or Saturday… 🙂

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