B2 cursus examen voor Lezen/Schrijven (Or: Klaar!)

Okay, I am officially tired! And this wasn’t even the real exam, which will be sometime over the summer. Quick recap: tonight was the reading/writing tests for my B2 Dutch course at Mondriaan.

We took a vote and most wanted to start with reading first. I am not sure why – writing is more draining – though I did like someone’s comment that if we do reading first we might learn a few sentences to use in the writing portion after.

The reading portion was 60 minutes and 25 questions (compared to 100 minutes and ~40 questions for the acutal staatsexamen). I did fine here – I was mainly concentrating hard to see how close I could get to perfect. I think I got pretty close – though I probably missed one. I used all of the time, but that meant being able to go back and leisurely check all of my answers after I was done.

The writing portion was also 60 minutes and was 20 questions. It was a mix of sentences that you have to fill in, questions where you need to write 2-3 sentences, and short writing tasks (including 4-5 short letters). This was harder – I generally use all of the time for things like this, not leaving myself a lot of time to go back and double check that everything is perfect (de puntjes op de i zet – dotting the i’s, compared to the English expression “dot the i’s and cross the t’s”.

No real problems with this test either – but I did work hard as it provides good practice for the staatsxamen.

Two tests down, two to go.

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One thought on “B2 cursus examen voor Lezen/Schrijven (Or: Klaar!)

  1. Woot! Great job milady. I am sure you did great. 2 more tests and another job done!

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