Dutch spirit (Or: The World Cup begins)

Tomorrow marks the beginning of the World Cup. If you visit the right places, you will see a lot of Dutch spirit.

Dutch world cup decorations

Here we have the decorations in my father-in-law’s house – Dutch spirit against a pretty (mooi) backdrop.

1. The banner over the door was from the TUC brand crackers.

2. The orange soccer balls/footballs are actually lights.

3. The other things hanging from the plant are Albert Heijn hamsters (the mascot) which can you receive for free if you spend more than a certain amount of euros in a shopping trip (15, probably). Orange, of course!

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3 thoughts on “Dutch spirit (Or: The World Cup begins)

  1. Marco

    There are countless different promotions/products that give out orange/soccer themed items.
    Actually it is down from the Eurocup 2 years ago, when expectations were high. Then we had about 250 promotions. Now, with most people fearing an early elimination, it’s 150.

    Still an insane number 🙂

  2. Henny

    Is wel weer wat anders als de straat versieren met de oranje vlaggetjes.

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