Dutch on Duolingo (Or: Now available on iOS/Android!)

I was pleased to receive an update from Duolingo – this update now includes the ability to learn Dutch. I have written about Duolingo before, but I personally think the experience is vastly improved by being on a mobile device. Duolingo is more on the minimalist side – there isn’t a lot to stare at on each screen. The iPhone version simply reduces the white space, without losing any of the look and feel of the PC version. And in this case, using your finger is much faster than using the mouse.

Duolingo for iOS

Duolingo for Android

Duolingo for the iPhone

Note that if your Dutch is already at a higher level you do have an option to test out of the various levels. Duolingo is great for reading, writing and listening, but the Dutch version does not have speaking exercises available yet (perhaps because this language course is still in beta).

Duolingo uses the concept of gamification – using gaming concepts (achievements, earning experience points, etc) in learning settings to make users keep wanting to come back for more.


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4 thoughts on “Dutch on Duolingo (Or: Now available on iOS/Android!)

  1. Thanks for the tip-off on Duolingo – I really must try it. I’m loving Memrise for vocab building, but I’m always on the lookout for new ways of learning. A little method refresh now and then helps keep me motivated!

    • Yeah Duolingo is pretty good. Sometimes it feels like it might be a bit hard for new Dutch learners, because you are always tested, rather than a special learning section and then a test. That means you’ll see new words that you might not already know, and thus lose a heart (point) but it does help you learn faster and remember more. 😉 But you can’t go wrong with free!

  2. I’m so surprised by this app! I have been using babbel for a while and although it is very very good it doesn’t offer that…fun as duolingo. Thanks for the recommendation!

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