A view of fishies while you eat (Or: M C Escher)

A few weeks ago, Roger, Marco and I went to the café in Marks and Spencer for mid-afternoon coffee and cake. Yum! At some point I looked over Roger’s shoulder and finally noticed what should have been glaringly obvious as soon as we walked in. There was a fish staring back at us!


click to see a slightly larger version

M C Escher’s Three Worlds; click to see a slightly larger version

It is a lithograph by Dutch artist M C Escher, “Three Worlds” (Wikipedia). Hopefully the picture above gives a good sense of the enormity of this copy – the fish itself is pretty much the size of an adult human!

Here is a close-up:

M C Escher Three Worlds at Marks and Spencer 2

Click for a larger version


The black and white colors blend in nicely with the the rest of the café as well. If you’re in the area (the central part of The Hague) make sure you check it out!

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2 thoughts on “A view of fishies while you eat (Or: M C Escher)

  1. Interesting! For reasons as described below, can you be more precise as to the café location (street/road)? And have you got any more photos of the oversize ‘Three Worlds’ (or could take some more); the surroundings do not put this into context, at least for me. The only indication of scale is possibly the top of a person’s head, lower left, but if indeed so this is not ideal. As an Escher enthusiast, with an exact location and better context pictures, I would like to post on this sighting on my website and social media, hence the exact requests above.

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