Vacation in Dublin (Or: Phoenix Park and Dublin Zoo)

Sorry for the lack of posts, all! Marco and I were actually in Dublin for the last week. So I guess I will have to apologize again for all of the Dublin related posts you are about to see, but I took a LOT of photos… not that you need to see them all!

Our trip was Monday to Monday, and on the first day we visited Phoenix Park right by our hotel (Ashling hotel).

statue of Sean Huston in Phoenix Park Dublin

Above is a statue of Sean Huston, one of the 14 men executed after the 1916 Easter Rising. You can read more about him over at Wikipedia.

Wellington Monument in Dublin far away

In Phoenix Park you also have the Wellington Monument, currently the tallest obelisk in Europe. It commemorates the victories of Arthur Wellesley, 1st Duke of Wellington.

Wellington Monument in Dublin close up

A closeup of the monument – not quite stairs.

On Tuesday we went to Dublin Zoo, situated in Phoenix Park. Here are some of the photos I took:

Tiger at Dublin Zoo

One of the tigers, slightly blurry photo – added for my mother-in-law. ;p

Orangutans at Dublin Zoo

Zoom-in of two orangutans. Cute! The one lying down was quite affectionate, occasionally grasping the other’s hand.

Sea lions at Dublin Zoo

Sea lions swimming past…

Two bongos at Dublin Zoo

Two bongos. These are antelopes. See more at Wikipedia.

Waterfall and duck at Dublin Zoo

A small waterfall. Note the duck peeking out from the left side of the rock. I take photos of waterfalls whenever I can.

Hippopotamus at Dublin Zoo

A hippopotamus just lounging away. Kind of what I wanted to do this morning instead of going to work!

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