Tram advertisements (Or: Anyone want to go to Scheveningen?)

As a side note I must say that I am proud to be able to spell Scheveningen without having to look it up. It definitely has to do with the weekly visits to Scheveningen to practice my Dutch with my taalcoach from SamenSpraak.

When riding around in a tram this summer I noticed an advertisement for taking the tram to Scheveningen:

Advertisement for Scheveningen in the tram

The tag line reads: “Have fun at the coast of The Hague”. The two lines underneath say:

  • Strolling on the boulevard and lounging at the beach pavilions
  • Fun events? Look at “Discover it with HTM” at (the tram website)

What caught my eye was the verb flaneren. I hadn’t seen it before so I had to look it up. There’s a few different English translations like to stroll, to amble, to saunter – all relaxed way of walking. But the Dutch definition suggests a bit more: lopen om gezien te worden, or walking to be seen.  There is no compact verb to express the two parts together in English (I think). Maybe “to strut” but that isn’t quite the same.

I thought it was pretty cool. Flaneren!

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2 thoughts on “Tram advertisements (Or: Anyone want to go to Scheveningen?)

  1. How about more like “promenade”?

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