Wrap up (Or: The remaining days in Washington DC and Indianapolis)

As I am a bit behind in posting my Washington DC and Indianapolis pictures, I’ve have decided to combine the remaining two posts into one. Let’s see..

Of course, being a librarian I had to visit the Library of Congress in DC. We visited it after our tour of the US Capitol, as there is an underground tunnel which connects the two buildings. Here is a look at the rather famous Reading Room (from above):

Reading room at Library of Congress

And another photo of the architecture:

Library of Congress

We also visited a hamburger joint twice while in Washington DC. Ray’s hell burger, close by our hotel. Good, spicy burgers (though there are non-spicy options as well), you get popcorn while you wait, and there is a coke freestyle machine! Choose your flavor and pour (or mix 10 different flavors – whatever you want).

Freestyle coke machine at Ray's Hell burger

What’s a blog post without mentioning the Netherlands? On one of the days we went to Steak and Shake, which is famous for its steakburgers and for its milkshakes, as one might expect. One of the flavors they had available was ‘speculoos’, which is similar to speculaas here and rather popular during the holidays. Marco wanted to order it but unfortunately they were out

Speculoos milkshake at steak and shake

We visited downtown Indianapolis on Wednesday, including the capitol building. It was properly decorated for the holidays:

Indianapolis capital

And here is a picture of the House of Representatives chamber:

Indianapolis capital, house of representatives

Another place we visited downtown was the the Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Monument, which includes memorials to different wars on each of its sides. Note the wires are for the “Christmas tree” – the lightning ceremony was a few days later.

Circle monument in Indianapolis

Nearby the Indianapolis public library you had an outdoor installation where you could ‘take a book, leave a book’.

Free books in Indianapolis

And a yummy way to end the post — My sister-in-law made Thanksgiving turkeys out of Oreos, Reese’s, candy corn and more:

Thanksgiving turkeys made with oreos and candy

It is just as sugary as it looks…

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