A different way to relax (Or: Adult coloring books)

You heard me. Coloring books… for adults! You thought coloring was only for kids? Think again. I asked (and received) one as a Christmas present, along with a nice set of coloring pencils. I decided to start coloring it in while waiting for the SpaceX launch this past Sunday (Spoiler: the overall mission was successful but the attempt to land the rocket on a barge in the ocean failed).

Of course, the designs are more intricate in an adult coloring book than one for a kid:

Adult coloring book with colored pencils

This one took me two and a half days (though, being an adult I can’t spend the entire day coloring. Sadly.) But it’s about as relaxing as putting a jigsaw puzzle together, something I used to do last year. Actually, I need to start doing that again…

Even libraries have started to notice this new hit, offering “social coloring groups”.

Here is the coloring book I have (which Dutchies can buy at bol.com):

Adult coloring book in the Netherlands

And a few looks at the pages inside:

Adult coloring book (more blank pages)

The only thing I wish was that the format was a spiral book. The pictures go right to the edge of the page, which makes it hard to color. Another type of coloring book is the mandala coloring book. A mandala is a sacred symbol in both Hinduism and Buddhism made from squares and circles. The original research about coloring mandalas as an anxiety reducer can be found in the Art Therapy: Journal of the American Art Therapy Association (pdf available through ERIC).

Adult coloring book (blank pages)

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