Super Bowl 50 (Or: Yay! Expats can watch too)

Guess what I am currently doing at 12:11 am? Watching the Super Bowl on our Apple TV via the CBS sports app!


The best part is that it is through CBS so you get access to the commercials as well. For a few years we had an NHL app and the commercials were blocked on there due to it being shown internationally.

Marco and I both have the day off tomorrow so we can stay up extra late, provided the stream cooperates. But it is fun to be able to watch NFL again, and fun to see the commercials. I’ve missed it. For a few years we could see the big game on Dutch TV but with Dutch commentary. It sucked. They spent most of the game explaining how football worked. (Looks like it is available again this year through Fox, still with the horrible Dutch commentary.)

But we will see how long this lasts. The stream keeps failing. Grrr. 🙂

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6 thoughts on “Super Bowl 50 (Or: Yay! Expats can watch too)

  1. We’re watching via BBC2, but sans commercials,

  2. minimama Henny

    Stelletje nachtbrakers .

  3. minimama

    Stelletje nachtbrakers zijn jullie.

  4. minimama Henny

    1x is wel genoeg ,maar ja de laptop dacht er anders over

    • Ja, soms heeft WordPress problemen; ie denkt dat je een nieuwer gebruiker bent. Dan moet ik je opmerking goedkeuren voordat je hem ziet. Maar dat is beter dan hoe het vroeger was, de opmerking helemaal niet zien (ook miet bij mij) en geen uitleg waarom. 😉 maar – het spijt me!

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