Deadpool (Or: A movie for the ages)

It is almost time to go see Deadpool! Marco, Roger and I have tickets later in the week to see it (it came out today). It’s what I like to call a superhero movie for adults…

Deadpool advertisement in Amsterdam

The advertising is rather crass, although remarkably funny. Marco says he almost wishes the advertising would continue on even after the film is released, as it’s that good (read: weird/crazy/unexpected).

Ticket to see Deadpool

My favorite is the billboard that makes the movie seem like a romantic comedy, just in time for Valentine’s Day. (There is also a synopsis about the film at that link if you are interested.)

If you want to see more of the crazy marketing Fox has done in advance of Deadpool, check out the WIRED article.

Finally, I’m a geek. I’ve also blogged about the movie candy when we went and saw Thor: A Dark World. Or when I posted about Iron Man 3.

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