Iron Man 3 (Or: A spoiler free post)

On Wednesday night, Marco Roger and I went to the Pathé theater in The Hague to see Iron Man 3. For some reason, the movie came to the Netherlands and other places a week before America. I won’t complain! It was a bit easier to ignore the Dutch subtitles at the bottom this time. (I don’t have a problem with them, but they are a bit distracting as I try to analyze the sentence structure.)

Oh, and I also decided that Maltesers (a British candy) aren’t nearly as good as Whoppers (an American candy which is a bit crunchier). It is the same concept, though.

inside Pathe The Hague Spuistraat 2

In the Netherlands, “Despicable Me” is entitled “Verschrikkelijke Ikke”, which I don’t remember how to translate except that it’s more of a “kid speak” type title.

It was a pretty good movie – it showed more of the human side of Tony Stark (Iron Man), although personally I liked the first movie the best. Although that was because I didn’t know just how sarcastic the Stark character was and so I was new to the character.

One thing I liked a lot about this movie was the comic relief character (you will see who/what I mean). Also the younger character had some funny lines as well.

inside Pathe The Hague Spuistraat

“Thank you for your visit. See you later!”

After the movie we walked a bit down the street and came across one of the outdoor café areas. It was too late for anything to be open (11:30ish) but there were still people wandering around:

outdoor cafes at night in The Hague

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