Summer eating (Or: Rrrollend Food truck festival by Malieveld, The Hague)

Yesterday Marco, Roger and I saw Suicide Squad at the local IMAX movie theatre (Pathé Spuimarkt). Afterwards we visited the Rrrollend Food truck festival by Malieveld, close to Centraal Station.

And what delicious food! Here’s a look at some of the photos I took. First, a look at my Asian Chicken bowl from Roll or Bowl:

Asian chicken by Roll or Bowl (Den Haag food truck festival)

The food truck uses “muntjes” (see the photo) for payment. Typical prices were 2, 2 1/2, or 3 — you can see from the photo that it is possible to break them in half.

Muntjes by Den Haag food truck festival

This military style food truck looked very cool (note the fact that the grill is suspended in mid air via a small crane):

Burgers food truck, Malievald Den Haag

Here’s a look at the spare ribs Marco and Roger shared (I stole a few bites, of course):

Spare ribs by Den Haag food truck festival

A general look at the festival:

Food truck festival Malieveld Den Haag

And the festival with the famous ‘city skyline’ in the background:

Den Haag skyline at Food truck festival

My frozen yogurt (chocolate pieces, Oreo cookies and chocolate sauce). It was a bit more sour than I expected, but the only other time I have had frozen yogurt was more than 10 years ago in America, so there you go. Things tend to be sweeter over there on principle!

Frozen yoghurt by Den Haag food truck festival

And an ‘apple wentelteefje’ for both Marco and Roger, from the ‘De WentelTeefjes‘ food truck. It is sort of like french toast (Dutch Wikipedia), in this case with apple compote on top:

Apple wentelteefjes by Den Haag food truck festival

The food truck festival is by Malieveld today from 12pm to 9pm. It will be back in The Hague during the weekend of Sept 23-25 by Lange Voorhout. It is not to be missed!

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