Remnants of theater (Or: Dr. Anton Philipszaal)

Back in December I showed a picture of the tearing down of the Dr. Anton Philipszaal in The Hague. Remarkably, there’s still a small piece of the building left:


Marco and I were on the way to Lebkov by Centraal Station for some coffee. We ended up with iced cappuccinos – yum! Since it’s a nice summer day (but not THAT nice of a summer, the Dutch meteologists say…)


And a look at their logo:


Oh, and one final fun fact – as usual, Sinterklaas candy is already popping up in stores. It’s only August people! 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Remnants of theater (Or: Dr. Anton Philipszaal)

  1. Janet

    My hubbie and I just arrived in The Hague yesterday from Vancouver Island. From the little we’ve seen so far, we’re going to love it here!

    • Ooh. You arrived at a good time. Even if the summer isn’t that great this year, it’s always better than arriving in December like I did!

      You might try visiting the city hall in the center of the city (it’s the huge white building in the general area of Primarkt); the public library is the other half of the building. Inside, at the far end of the building they have the International Centre and at least when I arrived in late 2012 they gave me a free goodie bag with information about the city and the country (you can see photos here: Inside the centre you have ACCESS, a volunteer organization ( They have information meetings for newcomers every month or two.

      Enjoy! 🙂

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