BTW vrije dagen (Or: Massive crowds at Media Markt)

A few days ago I mentioned that Media Markt would be holding their annual BTW vrije dagen this Thursday through Sunday. During this event, they pay for the tax on the item, effectively giving you tax as a discount.

So Marco and I went Thursday night after dinner. Thursday nights are also Koopavond  (Shopping night) in The Hague. That means most stores are open late until 9pm, so it’s already busier. And then add on an event like this… yeah. Crowds!


It actually didn’t take too long to find the items we wanted (we knew exactly what we wanted to get), it just took a while staying in line.


Lines to the right of me, lines to the left…

Lines everywhere!

But we survived. No major purchases this year, just a water cooker. Total savings was €10. Not a lot, but still something!

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