A day out in Scheveningen (Or: To the beach!)

This afternoon Marco and I visited Scheveningen and walked along the beach’s boulevard. It was definitely a cold day in February, with lots of wind, but at times the sun shone. They were busy preparing for the opening of the beach season which should happen within a few weeks:


Laying down the path in the sand


A bit further down the path is already in place – with a gorgeous view of Scheveningen’s pier and the new Ferris wheel. To the left of the wheel is the bungy jumping area.

Marco and I first walked in the other direction, towards the haven. We took a lovely picture of Keizerstraat. Some call this the oldest shopping street in the Netherlands.


After that Marco and I walked back towards the pier itself (my first time inside!) When I first moved here it was being renovated, and I haven’t had a chance to visit it since it reopened in 2015.


Walking inside the pier’s shopping and dining area

If you walk to the far end of the pier, you’ll come across the Ferris wheel (opened last year):


You’ll also have the opportunity to go bungy jumping if you so desire… (for the record, I do not desire!)


Bungy jumping at the Scheveningen pier

Finally, there is also a lot of art hidden around the beach area. For instance, here is a statue of a fisherman’s wife as she gazes out to sea (thinking of those she has lost to the sea):


“Monument van Visservrouw” (Monument of a fisherman’s wife) at Scheveningen

Around the same area (closer to the beach) there is a long plaque with the names of those lost at sea since the 1860s. A bit depressing when you see how many children were lost over the years.


And that was our afternoon in Scheveningen!

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4 thoughts on “A day out in Scheveningen (Or: To the beach!)

  1. Blewbird

    Your pictures are very nice! I know Scheveningen rather well. The Pier has improved quite a lot IMHO. There are so many places now where you can pick up small bites to eat, like chips (‘patat’).

    • It was a bit narrower than I had expected, but it made sense. I definitely wasn’t expecting to see the arcade/pinball type machines though. I forgot to post my pictures of those. “Mrs. Puckman”, haha.

  2. My first date with (who later became) my wife was at Scheveningen in February. It was very cold but it was still nice.

    • Before I moved here I came here for Christmas vacation – and was quite shocked at the crazy surfers who were willing to go out (in body suits of course). Too cold for me!

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