Indianapolis 500 practice (Or: In the pits)

Another fun story from my Indianapolis trip last month: my dad was able to get tickets from his work to go to a practice session at the Indianapolis 500, an Indy car race (highest level of open wheel racing in North America). The race is a two week spectacle with practices and mini events occurring in the days before the actual race day.

Indy 500 2017 - The bricks

The brickyard finish line. Which I hadn’t realised stretches all the way outside to the parking lot. Pretty cool!

The tickets are usually given to clients at his company but there were a few no-shows at the last minute due to it being a Thursday, so we were able to go!

First we had a look at the garage where they were working on the cars:

Indy 500 2017 - Fernando Alonso in the number 29 car

The garage of Fernando Alonso. He created quite a sensation when he chose to do the Indy 500 instead of Europe’s Monaco race (Formula 1 series).

Indy 500 2017 - Charlie Kimball

Car being pulled from the garage to the race track

Indy 500 2017 - Rahal Letterman in the number 15 Steak n Shake car

Steak ‘n Shake car on its way to the race track (I just had to take a photo since Steak ‘n Shake is an awesome, tasty restaurant!) Haha.

Indy 500 2017

Various garage areas, with the famous Indy 500 control tower rising up in the background

And then it was off to the pits… (the passes we had were good for both the garage and the pits on any day except race day).

Indy 500 2017 - In the pits

One does not pass up the opportunity to take a photo with an awesome touch of blue in it. Pretty tires!

Indy 500 2017 - Overlooking the pits

View of the pits from above

Indy 500 2017 - Kids waiting for autographs

A group of kids patiently waiting for autographs

But the best car I saw was actually OUTSIDE of the race track, as we were leaving.

Little red car in the Indy 500 parking lot

This beautiful car reminds me of “Lola“, the red car that belongs to S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Phil Coulson in the television series Agents of S.H.I.E.LD.

And yes, that was a geeky comment from me.

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